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Special Courses: Community-Based Service Learning Courses

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An SDSU student works with children in the City Heights Project

The City Heights Project is just one of many ways SDSU supports the San Diego community

Service learning offers students the chance to link academic study and course credit with community involvement and critical reflection. It enhances academic learning by allowing students to make connections between their academic study and its application, to clarify their academic goals/aspirations, to develop work-related skills and a heightened sense of civic responsibility, an awareness of moral and ethical issues, and to provide valuable work in the community.

Service learning provides students with the opportunity to better learn course material through the application of course teaching to real world situations. For many students, service learning enlivens the course and further engages them in learning important course content. Service learning is a two-way street; not only does it help students learn topical material in a course and see its application, but it also benefits the community and the agency or organization that provides the opportunity for the students. Both the service and the learning are essential elements in this educational endeavor.

To be listed in the "service learning" designation, each course must:

  1. Be conducted in the community and meet the needs of the students, faculty, and community partners;
  2. Be integrated into and enhance the academic experience of students by relating academic content and course objectives to issues in the community;
  3. Attempt to foster civic responsibility; and
  4. Integrate effective assessment and student reflection in the interrelationships between course content, concepts, and objectives, AND the student's community-based experiences.

Summer 2009 Community-Based Service Learning Class Listing


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