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Lecture in Smart Classroom

Did you know that most of the classrooms at SDSU are Smart Classrooms?

  • Courses numbered 80-99 are non-baccalaureate level and are not acceptable for a bachelor's degree.
  • Courses numbered 100 through 299 are considered lower-division courses (freshman and sophomore years).
  • Courses numbered 300 through 499 are considered upper-division courses (junior and senior years) and intended for undergraduates.
  • Courses numbered 500 through 599 are considered upper-division courses and are also acceptable for advanced degrees when taken by students admitted to graduate standing.
  • Courses numbered 600 through 799 are graduate courses.
  • Courses numbered 800 through 899 are doctoral courses.
  • Courses numbered at the 900 level are reserved for graduate courses in certain professional curricula as part of advanced certificate, credential, and licensure programs and are specifically intended for students admitted to the university with post-baccalaureate classified standing. Courses numbered at the 900 level are not applicable to other graduate programs.
  • Courses numbered 397 offered in regular sessions are professional advancement/training or tutorial/discussion classes that may accompany other credit courses and are not acceptable towards an undergraduate or graduate degree.
  • Courses numbered X-01 through X-79 and X-397 are professional advancement units offered only through Extension to meet specific academic needs of community groups and are not acceptable towards an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Undergraduate Enrollment in 600-, 700-, and 800-Numbered Courses

  1. You must obtain permission from the instructor.
  2. You must be a senior in good standing and have at least a B (3.0) grade point average.
  3. Undergraduate enrollments may not cause the exclusion of a qualified graduate student in a graduate course.
  4. Undergraduate students must complete a petition for request to enroll. The petition form is available in the Graduate Division.


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