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Registration: Course Registration Restrictions

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  Enforced Courses
Multiple Enrollment

Time Conflicts
Prerequisite Enforcement

Enforced Courses

  1. New undergraduate students who do not pass the Entry-Level Mathematics (ELM) exam and/or the English Placement Test (EPT) are required to enroll in the appropriate remediation course(s) in Rhetoric and Writing Studies and/or General Mathematics Studies before registering for any other courses.
  2. All freshmen must register for the four foundational General Education courses in Composition, Critical Thinking, Oral Communication, and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning during their first year at SDSU. The registration system will enforce enrollment in these courses before allowing you to enroll in any other courses for the semester. This enforcement of classes will happen every semester until you have successfully completed all four courses. Freshmen whose scores on the ELM and EPT are below passing must enroll in any remedial coursework, as well. You will be advised about enrollment in foundational courses, as well as other courses, at New Student Orientation.



Review the Class Schedule carefully, paying attention to all footnotes. Many courses are restricted by class level or major/minor. Please contact the department regarding numeric footnotes.

Plus one additional hour to be arranged
Plus two additional hours to be arranged
Plus three additional hours to be arranged
Open to Honors Program students only
Distance Education course
  E Enroll in both lecture and lab
Only students with a declared major in this department may register for this class
This course must be taken for letter grade in order to satisfy the Communication and Critical Thinking requirement for General Education
Plus fee
  J Course offered for CREDIT/NO CREDIT only
Not open to majors in this department
Open to upper-division students only
Plus travel time to off-campus site
Class instruction includes use of computers
  Q This course reserved for students participating in the London Semester Program. For schedule number and information, contact the London Semester Office, AH-4212
Credit earned in this course not applicable toward Bachelor's Degree or General Education requirements
Proof of prerequisite required
  SL Course contains a service-learning component; contact instructor for details
Open only to students participating in the Intensive Learning Experience (ILE). This course is blocked with other courses in this ILE Package

Open only to students participating in the Freshman Success Program. This course is blocked with other courses in this Freshman Success Package
  W This course reserved for students participating in the Paris Semester Program. For schedule number and information, contact the Paris Semester Office, AH-4212
Contact department for approval to enroll and to obtain schedule number. Graduate students must contact the Graduate Division for 799A, 799B, 799C approval and enrollment
  Y Computer-enforced prerequisite


Multiple Enrollment

You may not enroll in more than one section of a course that does not allow multiple enrollment.


Time Conflicts

You may not register in courses that overlap in time no matter what that time frame is. Consent of the instructor and/or department cannot override this campus policy.


Prerequisite Enforcement

Students must satisfy course prerequisites listed in the current General Catalog (or their equivalent) prior to beginning a course.

Prerequisites to courses may be enforced (1) by the computer at registration; (2) by the department; and/or (3) by the faculty member teaching the class.

Students with questions on course prerequisites should consult the General Catalog or the appropriate department chair. Students registering for business administration classes should check with the Business Advising Center (BA-448) or the Marketing Department Office (SS-3229) for information concerning enrollment procedures and deadlines.

Computer-Enforced Prerequisites: The registration system will check for the satisfactory completion of the following tests and requirements: EPT (English Placement Test); ELM (Entry-Level Mathematics Examination); GSP (Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Test); and WPA (Writing Proficiency Assessment) requirement. Completion of these prerequisite tests (or exemptions verified with the Office of the Registrar) is necessary for you to receive any of the courses for which they are a prerequisite. See the Office of Student Testing, Assessment and Research for methods of satisfying writing and mathematics competency requirements.

The registration system will also check for the appropriate major code for those classes with major codes specified in the footnotes.

Courses with computer-enforced prerequisites are identified by a Y footnote in the class listing.

Department-Enforced Prerequisites: Many departments routinely enforce prerequisites listed in the current General Catalog. Students enrolled in these courses should bring proof of completion of prerequisites with them to the first day of class. If you need to verify a course taken at another college or university, you should obtain an official transcript from your previous school.

Courses with proof of prerequisite required are identified by an S footnote in the class listing.

Faculty-Enforced Prerequisites: Faculty members have the authority to enforce prerequisites listed in the current General Catalog, to evaluate equivalent preparation, and to require proof that such prerequisites/preparation have been completed. Faculty may drop students who do not have the prerequisites or equivalent preparation for the course. Not all instructors will use this option. Students are responsible for all courses on their schedule. Students should check their schedules regularly and take necessary action to add or drop during the schedule adjustment period.



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