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Money Matters

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Tuition For Nonresident (Foreign Or
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Parking Permits
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Instructional Course Charges
Mandatory Course Fees
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Dishonored Check
Payment Options
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Financial Aid Deferment
Registration Fee Installment Plan
Third Party Billing/Approved Fee Waivers
CSU Fee Waivers
Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds
Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements
Disbursement of Financial Aid and Scholarship Funds
Full Refund
Prorated Refund
Fee Refunds Based on Unit Load
Parking Fee Refunds
Appeals Process - University Cashiers Office
Liability For Payment




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Undergraduate Enrollment in 600-, 700-, and 800-Numbered Courses
Course Registration Restrictions
Enforced Courses
Multiple Enrollment
Time Conflicts
Prerequisite Enforcement
Schedule Adjustments
Adding a Course
Dropping a Course
Change of Grading Basis
Late Registration
Official Withdrawal

Testing Requirements

Major and Credential Codes

Special Courses

Community-Based Service Learning Courses
Summer 2009 Community-Based Service Learning Class Listing
Experimental Topics
Summer 2009 Experimental Topics Class Listing
Evening Class Listing
Study Abroad

Transfer Credit

Transfer Admission Planner (TAP)
Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer (ASSIST)


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