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Summer 2009 Class Schedule

Experimental Topics Courses

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Selected Studies or Topics, Workshop Courses and Experimental Topics (296, 496, 596, 696, Latin American Studies 580, Psychology Doctoral Program 796, 886) and General Studies Courses.

Described below are topics courses offered by various departments as 296 (lower division), and 496 or 596 (upper division), 696 (graduate), Latin American Studies 580, Psychology Doctoral Program 796, and 886. These courses, which do not appear in the General Catalog or Graduate Bulletin, are experimental in nature and hence are not part of the published curricula of the university.

A limit of nine units of any combination of 296, 496, and 596 courses is applicable to a bachelor's degree. Such courses are applicable to the minor or to preparation for the major only by special action of the department. A maximum combined credit of six units of 596 and 696 is applicable to a master's degree.

Descriptions of this semester's courses appear in the Experimental Topics Class Listing. The instructor and the meeting time and place are listed under the appropriate departmental headings elsewhere in this schedule. For further information, check with the instructor or department chair.

Summer 2009 Experimental Topics Class Listing



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