Tiger Teams

Strategic concept development teams for SDSU Flex, our university's response to the COVID-19 pandemic


In March 2020, SDSU President Adela de la Torre charged groups of campus-wide experts, organized as Tiger Teams, with exploring every possibility for business continuity and both in-person and virtual offerings for Fall 2020. These efforts have extended to Spring 2021.

With 15 teams organized, each is generating solutions-based recommendations for SDSU to adopt, with the California State University system's approval of SDSU Flex. The university's plans are each in alignment with county, state and national public health orders.


SDSU has a unique campus culture and environment unlike any other in the California State University system. Through SDSU Flex, the university committs to maintaining high-touch engagement among students, faculty and staff, community-focused and responsive research and other forms of scholarship.

Tiger Teams are composed of domain and content experts who are responsible for developing and delivering plan recommendations that may be reviewed by the president and other members of senior leadership, shared with the California State University system for review and approval, and ultimately adopted by SDSU.

Tiger Teams and Charges

Each Tiger Team is charged with developing solutions for both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters. Members of each team have been in active conversations and working in consultation with the California State University system, local and state health officials, and both regional and national higher education peers to identify and encourage best practices.

The Tiger Teams recommendations are informed by the SDSU Flex guiding principles, mission and regional context in mind, and respect county, state and federal orders to protect individual and community health and well-being.