Planning for Hybrid Modality Instruction

Team Charge

Develop a plan for delivering instruction in hybrid (combined virtual and face-to-face) modality.

  • Define specific tasks for offering instruction in virtual, in-person or hybrid modalities.
  • Secure logistics for hybrid instruction delivery (space and technology support).
  • Launch information campaign to prepare students for hybrid instruction.
  • Coordinate with other campus activities in hybrid modality for Fall 2020.


  • Co-chair: Mark Wheeler, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Co-chair: James Frazee, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Associate Vice President, Instructional Technology Services
  • Joanna Brooks, Associate Vice President for Faculty Advancement
  • Jeff Roberts, Dean of the College of Sciences
  • Alexander W. Chizhik, Director of Academic Labor Relations and Professor of Educational Psychology
  • Jennifer Imazeki, Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Faculty and Staff
  • Sonja Pruitt-Lord, College of Health & Human Services Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
  • Radmila Prislin, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Resource
  • Salvador Hector Ochoa, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Doreen Mattingly, Associate Professor and Chair of the Women's Studies Department
  • Robert Schulz, Associate Vice President of Real Estate, Planning & Development

"I want to thank our campus leaders, faculty, and staff for providing flexible, technology-rich learning opportunities so students can maintain access to high quality instruction, whether online or on campus. With a massive investment in SDSU faculty development this summer and beyond, students will benefit from even more engaging learning and accessible (open and affordable) instructional materials!"

James Frazee

-James Frazee, Chief Academic Technology Officer and Associate Vice President for Learning Technologies and Environments