Residential Programs and Planning 

Team Charge

Identify and assess multiple scenarios for enrollment and Fall 2020 occupancy, along with financial and operational implications for each.

  • Engaged public health experts to identify the most likely enrollment scenarios (i.e. virtual, hybrid, and reduced in-person) for Fall 2020, with consideration to financial and operational implications.
  • Created a financial model to identify fixed costs, staffing ratios, and variable costs.
  • Initiate benchmarking interviews with leadership at national and state universities regarding housing programs and identify preliminary occupancy scenarios for Fall 2020 planning.
  • Engaged public health experts to identify most likely enrollment scenarios, create financial models and identify preliminary scenarios for planning.


  • Co-chair: Agnes Wong Nickerson, Interim Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Co-chair: Christy Samarkos, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Randy Timm, Assistant Vice President for Campus Life & Dean of Students
  • Andrea Dooley, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Kara Bauer, Director of Residential Education
  • Eric Hansen, Associate Vice President- Business Operations
  • Cynthia Cervantes, Director of the Office of Housing Administration
  • Todd Summer, Chief Executive Officer of Aztec Shops
  • R.D. Williams, Director of Campus Relations and Commercial Development for Aztec Shops
  • Paul Melchior, Director of Dining Services for Aztec Shops
  • Libby Skiles, Director of Student Health Services
  • Gillian Marks, Senior Director of Environmental Health and Safety

"What I like the most about SDSU is its entrepreneurial spirit and ability to change. It is because of these qualities that SDSU adapts and responsively changes to meet the needs of our community. You can see these qualities in the care manager teams reaching out to students away from campus, the Tiger Teams quickly addressing our unique pressing needs, and virtual co-curricular programs. There is a resilience and tenacity in our determination to remain a close-knit community."

Randy Timm

- Randy Timm, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students