ACE Internationalization Lab Current Participant

Welcome to International Affairs! 

Welcome to your Spring 2022 semester at SDSU! We are excited to serve you and explore your aspirations for global education. International higher education has evolved, in some respects, dramatically, over the last decade. Issues, trends, and practices have been transformed by one of the most dynamic and tumultuous periods in the history of international higher education, brought on by the pandemic, a re-emergence of nationalism, and the recognition of the power imbalances between the developed economics and the global south, and racial inequities within and across borders. 

Over the last two years, however, we have learned to be nimble and innovative, developing a suite of opportunities that will connect you with international learning opportunities that will enrich your SDSU academic experience, prepare you to enter an ever-changing global workforce, and—if you are a staff or faculty member—help your students strengthen their global perspective and interdisciplinary acumen.

Welcome! Bienvenidos!

Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D.

AVP, SDSU International Affairs