Resources and Revenue

Last updated on June 9, 2015

Achieving the aspirational visions and initiatives requires significant financial investments. While the funding environment has stabilized since the beginning of the planning process, it is crucial for the university to leverage its strengths to generate new and increased sources of revenue to support these Goals and Initiatives. The development of a continuing culture of philanthropy and a commitment to generating a significant percentage of our revenue is crucial to the university’s future success.

Consistent with the resource and revenue plan outlined in the strategic plan, the university has invested $11,987,015 in one-time funding and $1,274,496 in base budget funds that support the strategic plan’s resource and revenue plan. These investments include funds that support strategic plan initiatives and address critical support needs.

Generate Revenue through Private Funds

  • Complete The Campaign for SDSU
  • Investments provide funds to support the successful completion of The Campaign for SDSU. More information about The Campaign for SDSU.

Generate Revenue through Investment of University Funds

  • Increase the number of non-resident students, including international students, by investing in necessary infrastructure.
  • Investments provide support for recruitment and infrastructure needs of non-resident and international students.
  • Invest $125,000 in grant writers to increase the success rate of significant funding opportunities and associated facilities and administrative cost recovery.
  • Investments provide support for grant writers, including the creation of a new program for pre-submission peer review to enhance faculty grant success rate.