Entrepreneurial Experiences [Extant]

Goal: Support the university’s entrepreneurial centers to enhance students’ entrepreneurial initiatives

Divisional Reporting: Academic Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide support for programs that foster entrepreneurial experiences. A working group has been formed, utilizing an extant group and adding additional members. The scope of the center, which now includes representation from all colleges on campus, was expanded to include social as well as more traditional commercial models, under the direction of the Vice President for Research. Over 50 teams comprised of over 150 participants are now involved in the Zahn Center. A new Director of Social Entrepreneurism was hired using private funding to help catalyze this area and the HG Fenton Idea Laboratory was created for turning concepts into physical reality through development of early prototypes. The Lavin Center is continuing to expand its engagement both off and on-campus by providing educational and experiential opportunities through workshops and competitions such as Pitchfest and Lean Model. A lecture series has been implemented, and the new music entrepreneurship program has been established.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Committee Members

Chair: Stephen Welter, (Chair) Graduate and Research Affairs

Susan Baxter
Cathy Pucher 
Zahn Center 
Dennis Cradit 
College of Business Administration 
Martina Musteen 
College of Business Administration 
Nola Butler-Byrd 
College of Education 
Monte Mehrabadi 
College of Engineering 
Randy Reinholz 
College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts 
Stanley Maloy 
College of Sciences 
Tom Coleman 
Associated Students Representative 
Bryce Hamlin 
Associated Students Representative 
Tim Hushen 
SDSU Research Foundation 
Tommy Martindale 
SDSU Research Foundation 
Ben Moraga 
Development (University Relations and Development) 
Alex DeNoble 
University Senate Representative 
Teresa Cisneros-Donahue 
University Senate Representative 
Tim Orlando 
Community Member