Celebrating Aztec Faculty and Staff

Goal: Create a faculty/staff advisory group to identify and recommend celebratory experiences to recognize institutional and individual excellence

Divisional Reporting: Business and Financial Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide support for celebratory events. A working group was convened to celebrate faculty and staff in 2013/14and that year they hosted two "get together, give back" community service events. In 14/15, $40,000 in one-time funding was invested and the event calendar was expanded to include a welcome back social hour in September, a fall and a spring "get together, give back" event, a new faculty social in January, the 1st annual Spring Bowling Social in February, and the first SDSU Field Day in June. $40,000 in base funding has been allocated for 15/16 to allow for continuation of these successful experiences.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Celebrating Aztec Faculty and Staff PowerPoint- March 2014

Committee Members

Chair: Jessica Rentto, Chair (Business and Financial Affairs)

Catherine Love
Human Resources (Business and Financial Affairs)
Debra Bertram
College of Business Administration (Academic Affairs)
Randi McKenzie
College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts (Academic Affairs)
C. Anthony Keen
Student Life and Leadership (Student Affairs)
Natalia Elko
Marketing and Communications (University Relations and Development)
Melissa Henss
Presidential Events (Academic Affairs)
Martha Speck
Aztec Shops
Associated Students Representative
Associated Students Representative
Christina Pablo
University Senate Representative
University Senate Representative