Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Faculty*

Goal: Invest in the recruitment and retention of under-represented faculty and staff through targeted activities

Divisional Reporting: Academic Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide support for recruitment and retention of under-represented faculty through targeted activities. Targeted activities include a recently developed faculty recruitment video, the implementation of recruitment workshops focusing on diversity, the addition of specific messaging about SDSU's diverse community in all posted ads, the development of partnerships with institutions that have a wide pool of diverse PhD candidates, the use of online listings of diverse PhD recipients and the development of informational workshops for search committees. Of the faculty hired in Fall 2014, the majority were female and 43 percent were persons of color.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Committee Members

Chair: Joanna Brooks, (Chair) Faculty Affairs

Edith Benkov
College of Arts and Letters
Charles Toombs
College of Arts and Letter
Karen May-Newman
College of Engineering
Cathie Atkins
College of Sciences
Heather Bendinelli
Employee Relations and Compliance (Business and Financial Affairs)
Aaron Bruce
President's Office
Associated Students Representative
Associated Students Representative
Anne Donadey
University Senate Representative
University Senate Representative

*An additional working group for staff will be convened in the near future.