Campus Internship [Extant]

Goal: Strengthen internship and mentoring programs to foster students’ professional development by working collaboratively with our alumni to create an alumni network that supports lifelong success for all alumni

Divisional Reporting: Student Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide support for targeted activities that strengthen our internship and mentoring programs. The working group created campus internship infrastructure, which included hiring a campus internship coordinator and employer liaison, creating an Online Internship Site Questionnaire for the purpose of receiving annual feedback from internship sites, a service learning agreement flow chart to guide departments, and guidelines for managing international internship, professional development and job placement opportunities. The Aztec Hiring Aztecs media campaign supports this program by coordinating online portals (Career Services, SDSU Alumni) and advertising in university media. By the end of the Spring 2014 semester there were 247 student-mentor pairs participating in the Aztec Mentor Program. By the end of the Spring 2015 semester there were over 830 student-mentor pairs. More information about the Aztec Mentor Program can be found on their website. Moreover, Career Services is working with campus departments to provide internship opportunities for our students on campus. At the end of the Spring 2015 semester Career Services had verified more than 2,800 internships.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Internship and Mentorship Status Update- January 2014

Committee Members

Chair: James Tarbox, Chair (Career Services)

Marisela LaPlante
College of Arts and Letters 
Michelle Svay 
College of Business Administration 
Beverly Bracker 
College of Business Administration 
Patricia Lozada-Santone 
College of Education 
Josh Pederson 
College of Engineering 
College of Extended Studies 
Larry Verity 
College of Health and Human Services 
Cathie Atkins 
College of Sciences 
Jose Preciado 
Division of Undergraduate Studies 
Jim Herrick 
University Relations and Development 
Ryan DeLong 
University Relations and Development 
Diane Marin
Alumni and Career Development 
Dave Rudel 
International Student Center 
Roselyn Enwemeka 
International Student Center 
Jeff Fratt
Business and Financial Affairs 
Heather LaPerle 
Career Services 
Patty Rea 
Associated Students HR Director 
Associated Students Representative 
Nicole Vargas 
University Senate Representative  
Ed Legaspi
University Senate Representative