Commuter Student Success

Goal: Promote commuter student success based on results of an in-progress needs assessment by the Divisions of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, with relevant support and resources and in association with the established Commuter Student Lounge of the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union

Divisional Reporting: Student Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • A working group was formed in Fall 2013 and is currently implementing initiatives to support this goal. Investments provided funding for a Commuter Coordinator to develop programming for the Commuter Resource Center located in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union, which opened in January 2014. The Commuter Coordinator, a graduate student assistant and more than a dozen student academic mentor positions were hired during 13/14.
    In 14/15, one-third of the visits to Student Life and Leadership were to the Commuter Resource Center and 450 students enrolled in a commuter learning community. Additional funding has been allocated for 15/16 to expand the number of commuters in learning communities from 450 to 1,000. Click here for more information about commuter student success.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Commuter Student Success PowerPoint - January 2014

Committee Members

Chair: Randy Timm, Chair (Dean of Students)

Janet Abbott
Undergraduate Studies 
Melissa Gonzalez 
Student Life and Leadership 
Theresa Garcia 
College of Engineering 
Tita Gray 
College of Business Administration 
Jenna Hazelton 
Residential Education 
Jamie Madden 
College of Arts and Letters 
Glen McClish 
College of Arts and Letters 
Sandi Williams 
Enrollment Services  
Rayanne Williams 
Enrollment Services 
James Tarbox 
Career Services 
Emilio Ulloa 
Sinthia Garcia 
Associated Students Representative 
Associated Students 
Commuter Board