Learning Analytics

Goal: Convene a broad-based task force of faculty and staff to evaluate approaches to integrating learning analytics and the student information system to allow timely interventions that promote student success at course and curricular scales

Divisional Reporting: Academic Affairs

Working Group Progress Update:

  • Investments provide support to evaluate approaches in order to integrate Learning Analytics into our existing systems. Through an investment of $140,000 in one-time funding over the past two years, the Strategic Plan Learning Analytics Working Group completed a significant experimental study of the effect of measuring triggers (defined as events that would be expected to predict poor performance such as missing classes) and intervening in response to those triggers (defined as contacting students to inform them of ways to improve performance) on academic performance.
  • Over 3,500 students in five high-failure courses participated over the Spring 2014, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters -- Psychology, Statistics, Computer Engineering, Economics and Statistics. The study demonstrated a clear relation between the number of triggers and poor performance in the courses.
  • Complete analysis of the data is expected to be complete at the end of Summer 2015. $217,000 in one-time funds has been allocated for 15/16, which will allow for the use of supplemental instruction as a way to increase the effectiveness of the interventions on the Learning Analytics triggers.

2013/2014 Working Group Report

Committee Members

Chair: Geoff Chase, (Chair) Division of Undergraduate Studies

Debra Bertram
College of Business Administration 
Andy Bohonak 
College of Sciences 
Bernard Dodge 
College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts 
Stephen Schellenberg 
Division of Undergraduate Studies 
James Frazee 
Instructional Technology Services 
Jeanne Stronach 
Institutional Research 
Associated Students Representative 
Associated Students Representative 
Richard Levine 
University Senate Representative 
Rey Monzon 
Research and Assessment (Student Affairs)