Engagement with the Local Healthcare Community

SDSU is fortunate to have a robust health and research community in San Diego County.  In addition to the university's  collaboration with HHSA, the university has relationships with a number of local healthcare agencies, laboratories, and research laboratories.  This community is generating innovative strategies for mitigating the risk of COVID-19 within the SDSUour community, collaboratively learning and sharing knowledge, and generating best practices in this public health effort.  The active participation of SDSUour staff and faculty in this community not only creates additional resources and referral sources for the care of our community members, but also enhances the university's ability to respond to this situation and improves the health and well-being of the collective region.

The containment measures described in this executive summary and first section are multi-pronged and will require ongoing revision as this pandemic continues and additional activities are considered allowable under various local and state health orders. 

SDSU will continue to respond to the guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health, HHSA, and other public health authorities in order to ensure utilization of the most current set of practices for minimizing the presence and spread of COVID-19 in the campus community.