Clinical and Field Work

Team Charge

Ascertain how other universities are conducting instruction for clinical/field work-related courses to identify best practices regarding how to conduct virtual instruction for clinical and field work-related courses.

  • Offer recommendations for faculty to consider when providing virtual instruction for clinical and field work-related courses.


  • Co-chair: Barry Chung, Dean of the College of Education
  • Co-chair: Steve Hooker, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services
  • Kelly Presher, School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences Director of Clinical Education
  • Amanda Lee, School of Social Work Director of Field Education
  • Helina Hoyt, Nursing Program Coordinator for SDSU Imperial Valley
  • Juan Camarena, Program Director and Lecturer for the Community Base Block LPCC Program
  • Lynne Bercaw, Professor and Director of the School of Teacher Education
  • Elisa Sobo, Department Chair and Professor of Anthropology
  • Michael L. Sloan, Lecturer in the Fowler College of Business
  • Matthew Verbyla, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering
  • Eric Starr, Lecturer of Brass Chamber Music
  • Rulon W. Clark, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Sarah Elkind, Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Jaime Groth, Program Director for SDSU World Campus

"SDSU and SDSU-IV have really provided a coordinated effort to ensure ALL students are included and supported in continuous communication and individualized attention. Some have needed help dealing with stress, finances, health, technology, mentoring, and time management. A culture of connectedness has been established virtually and it is amazing to see students open up and say how important achieving educational goals during this difficult time has been."

Helina Hoyt

-Helina Hoyt, SDSU Imperial Valley Nursing Program Coordinator