Destin Daniel Cretton

From SDSU to the MCU

Director Destin Daniel Cretton on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Asian American superhero and the power of movies to change stereotypes.

children of sdsu alumni

Hello, Lil’ SDSU Fans!

These children of alumni are already showing serious school spirit.

July 21, 2021

Hello SDSU alumni and friends!

Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of SDSU Magazine.

With San Diego Comic-Con International taking place this weekend, I invite you to check out our stories about SDSU’s many contributions to the comics world.

In addition to a Q&A with Marvel director Destin Daniel Cretton (’11) and a historic look at the university’s Comic-Con connection, you’ll find a piece about the 100,000+ comics collection at the SDSU Library and how it inspires creative teaching and innovative scholarship.

This issue also includes stories around the theme of Building a Better Future. Building in a literal sense — in the case of construction at SDSU Mission Valley and the expanded Aztec Recreation Center — and figuratively, such as how alumni are imagining an exciting and innovative post-pandemic future.

I invite you to click on the stories above or download a PDF of the full issue. I hope you enjoy your reading — and your summer!


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