Diversity at SDSU

At SDSU, our diversity gives us power and benefits every single member of our community. 

Through our commitment to equity and inclusion, we encourage all members of our community to purposefully learn from one another through open and respectful dialogue and responsible engagement.

About Diversity and Inclusion 

San Diego State University, located near the U.S.-Mexico border, is the top California State University campus for federal research support and is an active research public university in California. Students participate in transformational research, international experiences, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, internships and mentoring, and have access to a diverse range of student life opportunities.  SDSU, a Hispanic-Serving and Asian American Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution residing on Kumeyaay land, is known for its long-standing efforts advancing diversity and inclusion.  At SDSU, we commit to the equitable diversification of both students and employees and to providing and enhancing the ability of our students to contribute to community-minded diversity initiatives. 

Building Community and Supporting Identity

We care about our community members – who they are, where they came from and where they are going. To support community gathering and opportunities for people to learn about themselves and others, the university has cultural centers and hosts programs and events throughout the year in support of our individual identities and collective diversity.

Explore, Connect, Act

SDSU is nationally recognized for study abroad initiatives, veterans’ programs, LGBTQA+ student support, and its Division I athletics Program. At SDSU, we provide the type of regional, national and international high impact practices that provide experiences for students to research and work with diverse community organizations. SDSU’s more than 36,000 students participate in research, sustainability and entrepreneurship initiatives, internships and mentoring.