Implementation Teams

Each co-chair will be tasked with implementing a specific set of activities to meet the university's defined Goals. Team members are designated to support efforts to meet the defined Goal within each of the five priorities.

Becoming a Premier Public Research University: A New Kind of HSI

Executive Sponsor: Hala Madanat, Ph.D., Vice President for Research

Goal 1: Position SDSU to ultimately achieve R1 status

Co-Chairs: John Crockett, Scott Walter

Committee Members: Hala Madanat, Michele Goetz, Interim James Frazee, Pam Lach, Edgar Hodge, Jennifer Schenkenfelder, Heriberto Vasquez

Co-Chairs: Karen May-Newman, Steven Hooker

Committee Members:  John Crockett, Hala Madanat, Jennie Amison, Debbie Brighton, Natasha Bliss, Cassie Aaron, Erika Larkins, Salvadore Espinosa, Kristen Wells, Yasmine Shead

Co-Chairs: Tracy Love, Monica Casper

Committee Members: Ed Balsdon

Co-Chairs: Stanley Maloy

Committee Members:  Natalie Mladenov, Heriberto Vasquez, Olivia Humphrey

Goal 2: Leverage SDSU’s unique identity to enhance the quantity and quality of scholarship.

Co-Chairs: John Crockett, Emilio Ulloa

Committee Members: Joi Coles, Jennie Amiso, Antonio Marquez, Debbie Brighton, Araceli Saucedo, Michael Dominguez

Co-Chairs: Ramona Perez

Committee Members: Cristina Alfaro

Co-Chairs: Jeff Roberts, Ramona Perez

Committee Members: Lourdes Cueva Chacon, Cristal Zuniga, Olivia Chilcote, Roberto Hernandex, Lluvia Flores Renteria, Penelope Quintana, Roddrick Colvin

Resilience. Designed to Thrive

Executive Sponsor: Agnes Wong Nickerson, Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, and Adrienne Vargas, Vice President for University Relations and Development

Goal 1: Diversify and expand revenue streams that support our mission and our scholarly and creative activities, teaching and athletic aspirations.

Co-Chairs: Brittany Santos-Dereig

Committee Members: John David Wicker, Tim Rice, Agnes Wong Nickerson, Adrienne Vargas, Mary Darling, Victor Nava, Tommy Martindale, Leslie Levinson, Cynthia Cervantes, Todd Summer, Jerry Sanders, Rachel Lindell (Jerry Sanders Assistant), Nikki Clay, John Putman, Radhika Seshan, Interim James Frazee, Hala Madanat, Michele Goetz, Christina Brown, Victor Penera, Austin Barber

Co-Chairs: Bill Tong

Committee Members: Hector Ochoa, Tod Reeder, Mark Reed, Michele Goetz, Cathy Pucher, Alex DeNoble, Victor Penera, Stephen Jackson

Co-Chairs: Seth Mallios, Stefan Hyman, Thom McElroy, Megan Newton

Committee Members: Giselle Luevanos, Candy Carson, Courtney Harmon, Jason Benito, Jeffery Ernst, Kellie Woodhouse, Leomarc Pastor, Lori Padelford, Quentin Skaggs, Timothy Gonzalez, Shawki Moore, Karina Esteban, Joe Brock, Chuck Lang, Polly Sipper, Tammy Blackburn, Maria Keckler, La Monica Everett-Haynes, Jim Herrick, Mike May, Victor Nava, Victor Panera, Steve Schnall, Catherine Snapp

Co-Chairs: Megan Newton, Adam Armolea

Committee Members: Gina Jacobs, La Monica Everett-Haynes, Jim Herrick, Catherine Snapp, Mike May, Tammy Blackburn, Stefan Hyman, Viktor Nava, Jeffery Ernst, Seth Mallios, Giselle Luevanos, Todd Summer, Thom McElroy, Kellie Woodhouse, Shawki Moore, Karina Esteban, Joe Brock, Melissa Porter, Steve Schnall, Amando Sepulveda

Goal 2: Allocate resources with transparency, equity, efficiency and accountability.

Co-Chairs: Crystal Little, Mary Anne Kremicki

Committee Members: Interim Christy Samarkos, Interim James Frazee, Hector Ochoa, Agnes Wong, Rashmi Praba, Myra Villalta, Ari Weizman, Christian Holt

 Co-Chairs: Todd Summer, Christina Brown

Committee Members: Christy Samarkos, Adrienne Vargas, Jerry Sanders, Rachel Lindell (Jerry Sanders Assistant), Nikki Clay, Michele Goetz, Agnes Wong, Hala Madanat, Alyssa Longeuay, Leslie Levinson

Co-Chairs: Sherry Ryan, Bruce Reinig

Committee Members: Agnes Wong Nickerson, Adrienne Vargas, Brittany Santos-Derieg, Interim Christy Samarkos, Hector Ochoa, Hala Madanat, Wil Weston, Interim James Frazee, Austin Barber, Christian Holt, Tom McCarron

Goal 3: Invest in organizational practices that prioritize the responsible management of resources with a focus on global and environmental sustainability.

Co-Chairs: Eric Hansen, Iana Castro

Committee Members: Glen Brandenburg, Simran Jain
Keven Jeffery, Maribel Madero, Tyler Rogers, Gener Abdon, Charlotte Roberts, Daryn Ockey, Liv Humphrey, Dave Weil, Tenaya Bearmar, Markco King, Erlinde Cornelis, Jesenia Pineda, Raul Leon, Lily Eckoff, Kim Carnot, Kelly Snodgrass, Gener Abdon

Co-Chairs: Jessica Barlow

Committee Members: Trent Biggs, Li An, Laura Shinn, Paul Melchior, Eric Hansen, Glen Brandenburg, Gener Abdon, Charlotte Roberts, Simran Jain, Tenaya Bearmar, Eric Frost, Robert Schultz, Presidential Task Force for Climate Action, Kristin Larson, Daryn Ockey, Lily Eckhoff, Samuel Kassegne, Eric Frost, Kim Carnot, Kelly Snodgrass, Liv Humphrey

Co-Chairs: Christy Samarkos, Robert Schultz

Committee Members: Keven Jeffery, Simran Jain, Gener Abdon, Charlotte Roberts, Adrienne Fusek, Asfaw Beyene, Tenaya Bearmar, Glen Brandenburg, Lily Eckhoff, Kristin Larson, Erlinde Cornelis, Kelly Snodgrass, Liv Humphrey


Executive Sponsor: Dr. James Frazee, Interim Vice President for Information Technology

Goal 1: Foster an inter-connected and equitable SDSU experience through implementing resource generation and allocation, communication and information-sharing, and systems of transportation. 

Co-Chairs: Gina Jacobs, Stacy Carota

Committee Members: Hala Madanat, Shara Tscheulin, Kumar Narayanan, Victor Nava, Interim James Frazee, Shawki Moore, Angela Pina, Daniel Nieto

Co-Chairs: Wil Weston

Committee Members: Mark Wheeler, Amando Sepulveda, Daniel Nieto, Jazmyn Horton Alvarado, Julieanna Gutierrez

Co-Chair: James Frazee

Committee Members: Michelle Peterson, Cristian Alfaro, Joe Wolfman, Mark Wheeler, Mark Siprut, Adrian Gonzalez, Rachel Raynoha, Pete Delaney, Amando Sepulveda, Giselle Luevanos, Carlos Careaga, Kevin Jeffery, Noah Hansen, Kate Halvoet, Margot Emer, IT, ITS

Co-Chairs: Cory Marshall

Committee Members: Catherine Snapp, Deborah Brighton, Tammy Blackburn, Rahim Baker, Giselle Luevanos, Raquel Herriot, Amando Sepulveda

Co-Chairs: Debbie Richeson

Committee Members: Josh Mays, Joe Wolfman, Steve Schnall, Amando Sepulveda, Janusz Supernak, Lisa Pearson, Karina Esteban, Rachel Szakmary

Co-Chairs: Debbie Richeson

Committee Members: Josh Mays, Henry Villegas, Rachel Gregg, Karina Esteban, John Moreno Jr., Alan Castro, Rachel Szakmary, Amando Sepulveda, Lawson Hardick, Daniel Nieto

Co-Chairs: Debbie Richeson

Committee Members: Eric Hansen, Rachel Gregg, Beth Bridges, Rachel Szakmary, Amando Sepulveda, Victoriano Penera III

Co-Chairs: Debbie Richeson, Gina Jacobs

Committee Members: Aly Moore, Rachel Szakmary, Laura Shinn, Amando Sepulveda

Goal 2: Expand SDSU’s academic infrastructure and partnerships to meet the needs of broadly diverse learners in our region, across the nation, and the world.

Co-Chairs: Radhika Seshan, Karen Myers-Bowman

Committee Members: Christy Samarkos, Mark Wheeler, Edgar Hodge, Crystal Sanchez, Jacq Banal

Co-Chairs: Halil Güven

Committee Members: SDSU Georgia Executive Committee, Stephen Schellenberg, Ari Weizman

Co-Chairs: Jacob Alvarado Waipuk

Committee Members: David Kamper, Interim Christy Samarkos, David Gamble, Crystal Sanchez

Co-Chairs: Cristina Alfaro, Maria Keckler, Ricky Paniagua

Committee Members: Adrienne Fusek, Sandra Temores-Valdez, Noah Hansen, Eddie West, Crystal
Sanchez, Lawson Hardick, Stefan Hyman, Jennifer
Schenkenfelder, Linda Osuna, International Coordinators representing each college across campus

Co-Chairs: Mark Wheeler

Committee Members: Gina Nunez, Executive Council & Program Coordinators from SDSU IV, Crystal Sanchez, Lawson Hardick, Andrew Bohanak, Jennifer Schenkenfelder, Linda Osuna, Gregorio Ponce

Equity and Inclusion in Everything We Do

Executive Sponsor: Christy Samarko, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Campus Diversity

Goal 1: Ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives across campus are aligned and implemented consistently, effectively and efficiently.

Co-Chairs: Rahim Baker, Erica Aros

Committee Members: Mark Figueroa, Stacy Warner, Donald Kirson, Austin Barber, Isabella Martelino, IT

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Imazeki

Committee Members: Equity and Inclusion Councils

Co-Chairs: Randy Timm, Nicole Belisle

Committee Members: Jeff Ernst, Mark Figeroa, Jessica Nare, Isabella Martelino, Daniella Luistro

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Imazeki

Committee Members: Equity and Inclusion Councils

Co-Chairs: Virginia Loh-Hagen, Mike Juan 

Committee Members: Koko Nishi, Sandra Wawrykto, Daniella Luistro, Isabella Martelino

Goal 2: Foster and sustain an environment where all students, faculty, staff and alumni feel welcomed, supported, and valued by the university.

Co-Chairs: Jessica Nare

Committee Members: Megan Newton, Melissa Porter, Wesley Palau, Elzbeth Islas, Virginia Loh-Hagan, Darren Wilson, Jessica Chang

Co-Chairs: Catherine Snapp, La Monica Everett-Haynes

Committee Members: Lisa Haney, Tiffany Dykstra-DeVette, Caryl Montero-Adams, Paige Hernandez, Darren Wilson

Co-Chairs: Peggy Shannon

Committee Members: Eric Smigel, Arzu Ozkal, Joyce Gattas, Maribel Madero, Aresa Rochester, Alanie Abron, Karina Esteban, Ragini Parkhi

Co-Chairs: Rebecca Lewison

Committee Members: Gloria Rhodes, Anne Donadey, Madhavi McCall, Edgar Hodge, Randall Timm, Jennifer Stanley, Carolina Rodriguez-Uribe, Anahi Aceves, Joy Moore, Raquel Herriot, Isabella Martelino

Co-Chairs: Jessica Chang, Nicole Belisle

Committee Members: Anne Guanciale, Adam Adams, Lauren Jacobs, Yea-Wen Chen, Sureshi Jayawardene, Alan Mobley, LaWana Richmond, Joy Moore

Co-Chairs: Francisco Velazquez, Jennifer Imazeki

Committee Members: Daniel Reinholz, Belen Gamino, Joanna Brooks, Michael Borgstrom, Jessica Chang, Allison Vaughn, Ed Balsdon, Sarah Elkind, Darren Wilson

Goal 3: Recruit, retain and advance graduate students, faculty and staff who can and will effectively support the diverse student body and communities served by SDSU.

Co-Chair: Jennifer Imazeki

Committee Members: Thom Harpole, Frank Harris III, Joanna Brooks, Andrew Bohanak, Jessica Rentto, Allen
Gontz, Thierry Devos, Max Johnson

Co-Chairs: Sasha Chizhik, Emilio Ulloa

Committee Members: Karen Whited, Dustin Thoman, Mark Reed, Mari Luisa Zuniga, Allen Gontz, Max Johnson

Co-Chairs: Thom Harpole

Committee Members: Jennifer Imazeki, Joanna Brooks, Courtney Harmon, Meena Alexander, Allen Gontz, JR Lauron

Students at Our Core

Executive Sponsor: William Tong, Ph.D., Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Goal 1: Ensure that all members of the campus community are prepared to advance student success by deepening the quality of learning and closing equity gaps.

Co-Chairs: Jeanne Stronach, Erin Jacobs

Committee Members: Michael Borgstrom, Alane Lockwood, Randy Timm, Jennifer Imazeki, Norah Shultz, Hector Ochoa, Estralita Martin, Sonja Pruitt-Lord, Madhavi McCall, Noemi Portillio, Sarah Elkind, Michelle Lopez, Joanna Brooks, Ashley Tejeda

Co-Chairs: Joanna Brooks, Christy Samarkos

Committee Members: Randy Timm, Michelle Lopez, Christine Molina, Jose Preciado, Stefan Hyman, Amanda Fuller, Kristie Dock

Co-Chairs: Madhavi McCall 

Committee Members: Stephen Schellenberg, Hector Ochoa, Ashley Tejeda, Nina Potter, Reynaldo Monzon

Co-Chairs: Juliana Saenz 

Committee Members: Christy Samarkos, Martha Enciso, Malerie McNeill, Joyce Chen, Meghan Mahoney, Kristie Dock, James Tarbox, Graduate Affairs, Research Affairs

Co-Chairs: Andrew Bohonak 

Committee Members: Allison Vaughn, Tina Tan, John McMillan, Feion Villodas, Ramona Acuna, Kylee Webster, Josh Barfuss, James Tarbox, Graduate Council, Research Affairs

Goal 2: Expand access to affordable, high-quality university undergraduate and graduate education for the people of our region and beyond.

Co-Chairs: Mary Taylor, Y. Barry Chung

Committee Members: Miguel Rahiotis, Christy Samarkos, Jeanne Stronach, Sarah Hoang, Henry Villegas, Sandra Temores-Valdez, Fabiola Moreno, Cristina Alfaro

Co-Chairs: Radhika Seshan, Karen Myers-Bowman, Eugene Olevsky

Committee Members: Ray Savage, Sean Hauze, Joanna Brooks, Hannah Berman Schneider, Ashley Tejada

Goal 3: To support student success and well-being both inside and outside the classroom, SDSU will strategically increase its programming, resources and capacity to provide mental health, wellness and basic needs support for all undergraduate and graduate students. 

Co-Chairs: Jen Rikard, Stephanie Galia

Committee Members: Chelsea Payne, Ava Grell, Abigail Tamayo, Dustin Atkins, Mia McKee, ECRT committee

Co-Chairs: Mike Juan, Brent Taylor

Committee Members: Nola Butler Byrd, Jen Rikard, Ray Savage, Kole Wellenstein, Frida Diaz, Abigail Tamayo

Co-Chairs: Andrea Dooley, Stephanie Galia

Committee Members: Dustin Adkins, Keiara Allen, Stephanie Dathe, Rosanne Pasenelli, Chelsea Payne, Todd Summer, Ava Grell, Mayah Taylor, Vanessa Malcarne, Abigail Tamayo

Strategic Planning Committee

Cassie Aaron - President of Graduate Student Association

Ed Balsdon - Interim Dean of Graduate Affairs

Kyla E. Blaylock - SDSU Student

Joanna Brooks, Ph.D. - Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs – Faculty Advancement

Jenny Bramer - Executive Associate Athletic Director

Karen Emmorey, Ph.D. - Professor of Speech Language in the College of Health and Human Services

Angelica A. Espinoza - SDSU Student

La Monica Everett-Haynes, Ph.D. - Associate Vice President and Chief Communications Officer

Michele Goetz - Associate Vice President and Executive Director of SDSU Research Foundation

Maureen A. Guarcello, Ph.D. - Research, Analytics, and Communications Specialist, Instructional Technology Services

Jim Herrick - Assistant Vice President, Alumni

Edgar Hodge, Ed.D. - Assistant Vice President for Information Technology

Helina Hoyt, Ph.D., RN, PHN - School of Nursing, SDSU Imperial Valley

Jennifer Imazeki, Ph.D. - Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Faculty Success and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Gina Jacobs - Associate Vice President for Mission Valley Development

Shane James - SDSU Student

Maria Keckler - Presidential Communications Director

Vanessa Malcarne, Ph.D. - Professor of Psychology in the College of Sciences

Antionette Marbray, J.D. - Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Karen May-Newman, Ph.D. - Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Christian Onwuka - 2019-20 Associated Students President

Gregorio Ponce, Ph.D. - Dean of SDSU Imperial Valley

Jessica Rentto, J.D. - Associate Vice President, Administration

Jeffrey Roberts, Ph.D. - Dean of the College of Sciences

Sherry Ryan, Ph.D. - Professor and Director of the School of Public Affairs

Brittany Santos-Derieg - Chief-of-Staff

Radhika Seshan, Ph.D. - Dean of SDSU Global Campus

Stephanie Smith - Professional Graduate Fee Coordinator for the Fowler College of Business

Jeanne Stronach - Assistant Vice President, Analytic Studies and Institutional Research

Mark Wheeler, Ph.D. - University Senate Chair and Professor of Philosophy

Strategic Plan Consultants 

San Diego State University is embarking in a landmark planning process and, through that process, is committed to generating input from all levels of the university. To ensure broad participation, SDSU is drawing on expertise from both within and outside of the organization. An expert-informed initiative will strongly contribute to the campus community’s ability to develop a strategic plan that will define not just the future of one campus, but three: the SDSU main campus, SDSU Imperial Valley, and the potential development of SDSU Mission Valley. Skilled and nationally-recognized experts have been engaged to support and help guide this effort, and we encourage you to get to know them below.

Emeritus Consulting Group

Alma R. Clayton-Pedersen is Chief Executive Officer of Emeritus Consulting Group, a firm that uses organizational development principles to assist nonprofit, public and education entities in enhancing their effectiveness for the public good. Clayton-Pedersen brings a wealth of experience to the firm’s work, particularly with respect to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and facilitating discussions around inclusive excellence.

Clayton-Pedersen previously worked with the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in several capacities. From 2010 to 2016, she was a Senior Scholar and co-Principal Investigator directing the work of AAC&U’s Preparing Critical Faculty for the Future Program, funded by the National Science Foundation. From 2000 to 2010, she served first as a Senior Policy Director, then Vice President for Education and Institutional Renewal, directing ongoing programs and several grant-funded projects. Prior to joining AAC&U, Dr. Clayton-Pedersen was deeply engaged for 16 years at Vanderbilt University, where she served in senior leadership roles in student affairs, a public policy center, academic affairs and athletic affairs. She conducted more than 20 institutional studies on retention, climate for diversity, and student programming. Throughout her 35-year career in higher education, Clayton-Pedersen has provided consultation on program evaluation, inter-organizational collaboration, diversity and institutional change in a range of settings and working with stakeholders nationally and internationally.

Sonja C. P. Armstrong, whose expertise stems from developing an expansive legal practice to public, is president and chief operating officer of Emeritus Consulting Group LLC.

Armstrong has served as both associate general counsel and special counsel at Chicago State University, a public, urban institution. As a generalist in higher education law, she has been responsible for oversight of issues relating to labor and employment, governance, athletics, residence life, academic affairs and student discipline, among other areas. One of Armstrong’s most significant campus endeavors involved a 15-month presidential appointment as interim director of intercollegiate athletics to restructure an emerging division of the university – creating a culture of compliance, an environment for successful student outcomes and a focus on institutional mission.

Prior to joining Chicago State University, Armstrong was an attorney at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, one of the largest, most well-respected national law firms based in Chicago. While in private practice, she served as legal counsel and advocate for a diverse group of public and private entities – including higher education institutions – in business, regulatory, complex litigation and dispute resolution matters. Overall she was responsible for resolving challenges faced by her clients and fostering trusting relationships at all levels within these organizations. Handling that work effectively required her to use collaborative approaches to chart the best course of action to reach each client’s organizational objectives.

AASCU Penson Center for Professional Development

Howard Cohen, Ph.D. is the AASCU Penson Center for Professional Development (APC) Executive Director and a Senior Associate of its consulting group, which works primarily with public regional universities. Cohen also holds the distinction of Chancellor Emeritus at Purdue University Northwest. Prior to his 10-year tenure as Chancellor, Cohen also served in academic and administrative appointments within the University of Massachusetts and University of Wisconsin systems. His areas of focus include strategic and academic planning, department chair leadership, leadership team development and executive coaching. Cohen is expected to be the lead consultant for the strategic planning components of our engagement, working in conjunction with other APC colleagues as needed.

Sal Rinella, Ph.D. is a former university president who has served as a consultant with APC and other organizations in all sectors of higher education for the past 14 years. Rinella also has been a facilitator and author for the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) roundtables and monographs, leading discussions of timely topics including New Forces and Realities: Making the Adjustment and The Presidential Role in Disaster Planning and Response. From 1994 to 2000, Rinella served at the helm of Austin Peay State University, an institution known for its collaborative, integrative learning community that tremendously expanded over the past three decades. Rinella’s areas of emphasis include strategic planning and positioning, identifying transformational programs and initiatives, formulating partnerships to advance the institution and team development.

We thank all members of our campus community – students, faculty, staff and administrators – for providing input and feedback, which will then inform San Diego State University’s future vision, mission and strategic priorities.