Aztec Football Head Coach Sean Lewis Answers Your Questions

Ahead of the 2024 Aztec FAST Showcase presented by Aztec Link, SDSU football fans had the chance to ask coach Lewis the tough questions. The coach responded here.

Monday, April 22, 2024
Sean Lewiss not smiling while getting interviewed
SDSU football coach Sean Lewis played his college days at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and says Badger blood still runs through him. “So running power and running the football is going to be a part of who [the Aztecs are],” says Lewis in a recent Q&A on NewsCenter. Photo by Derrick Tuskan

On April 20, all Aztec eyes were on Sean Lewis. It was his first game as head coach of the San Diego State University football team. In anticipation of the Aztec FAST Showcase presented by Aztec Link, fans submitted questions — some technical and some a bit more casual — for coach Lewis through X and Instagram. Here’s a sampling of the Q&A, and the full story is on NewsCenter.

Via NewsCenter

@dulatretwins: Can you get the Aztecs undefeated?
Lewis: Yes, with the whole community’s support, with the whole community's help, right, for things to work out in the way that we want them to, to run the table. And I'm never going to say that it’s not a possibility, but it’s going to take all of us. Everyone within the building here, everyone within the community, and in the day and age that we live in right now with NIL and support that's needed throughout all of San Diego. With that, we need to be able to really lean into what that is so we can make everything happen at a really, really high level.

@sam.06273: What is your favorite part of the San Diego area?
Lewis: All the great tacos and burritos [laughs]. Before I came here, I felt like I’d be able to eat great Mexican food each and every single day. And now I'm getting to test that theory, which is great. I've really been enjoying all the different restaurants and getting those experiences. 

Read the full story on NewsCenter.

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