2nd annual Black Fashion Show celebrates culture, creativity at SDSU

Student-led event celebrates culture, creativity, and community support.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024
Students perform during SDSU's Black Fashion Show event on campus
The 2nd annual Black Fashion Show was created to showcase the range of talent within SDSU’s Black community.

Models, designers and creators showcased their latest styles for the 2nd annual Black Fashion Show at San Diego State University’s Montezuma Hall. The March 22 event was part of tributes and campus activities to celebrate Black History Month.

Sponsored by Forever 21, this year’s show featured the Black History Month collection curated by designer Henry Jones III. Jones himself attended the event to both support SDSU talent and to promote his new fashion line amidst a vibrant gathering of empowering and supportive Black community members, alongside the families and friends of SDSU students who organized the event.

The event was created to showcase the range of talent within SDSU’s Black community.

“Being able to see my legacy of Black Fashion Week grow double in size warms my heart tremendously,” said Keiana Foster, SDSU alumna who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology last spring, and the visionary founder behind the event. “This second show once again highlighted the creativity amongst our students on campus, but also paid homage and recognition to those before us.”  

Themed “Black and Crimson Edition,” over 72 models and 15 designers unveiled various collections on the runway, from seasonal “coquette” chic and cultural motifs to original brands from SDSU designers. 

Foster was encouraged by the numbers of supporters that turned out to fill the auditorium, and is hoping to make this a tradition for SDSU’s Black community. “Seeing so many people in the crowd showing their support brought tears to my eyes,” said Foster. 

Foster credited her co-director, Kennedy Peppers, an SDSU senior pursuing a degree in business administration and management, for bringing the event to life.

“[Peppers] kept my vision alive and allowed many students to feel empowered and confident as they strutted across the runway or showcased their unique designs,” said Foster. “Being able to work alongside her and help coach the models was a very fun and heartwarming experience.” 

“This fashion show is about understanding our history and our culture. It is about self-love, building confidence, showcasing your talents, but most importantly, it's about being a part of a family. This is art. This is Black Artistry at its finest.” said Foster.

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