SDSU Associated Students partners with local community members for a Good Neighbor Cleanup

Over 50 volunteers helped clean up the streets and sidewalks in the College Area last Sunday to cultivate positive relationships between SDSU and local residents

Tuesday, April 23, 2024
SDSU students pose for a photo after the Good Neighbor event
Over 50 volunteers participated in a neighborhood cleanup in San Diego's College Area near the campus, April 21, 2024. (SDSU)

On April 21, the Associated Students (A.S.) Campus Community Commission collaborated with the San Diego City Council Office of District 9 and the College Area Community Council to host a Good Neighbor Cleanup.  

Bringing together over 50 volunteers, the Good Neighbor Cleanup started at San Diego State University's Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Courtyard. Student and community volunteers worked together to remove trash from the streets and sidewalks in the College Area neighborhood. The event aimed to cultivate positive relationships between the campus community and local residents, through a shared purpose of creating a cleaner neighborhood.  

“Everyone deserves to live in a clean and safe neighborhood and this community cleanup is an important part of achieving that goal,” said Sean Elo-Rivera, San Diego City Council President. 

“Collaboration between students and other College Area residents will beautify our neighborhood and strengthen the bonds between SDSU students and community members who are willing to invest their time and effort for the good of all.”

A.S. has a longstanding commitment to fostering communication and building bridges between community and student leaders. The success of the Good Neighbor Cleanups can be attributed to A.S. Campus Community Commission, which holds weekly meetings to discuss ways to educate students on practices and behaviors that encourage them to be good neighbors in the greater community. 

“We are proud to have collaborated with the San Diego City Council Office of District 9 and the College Area Community Council for a day of community service,” said Melvin Ridley III, A.S. Vice President of External Relations. “Our Good Neighbor Cleanups are an exciting opportunity for our community to come together and work towards a common goal.” 

In addition to hosting community cleanups, the A.S. Campus Community Commission offers educational programs that remind students of laws and local ordinances for various topics, such as being mindful of noise, parking, driving and disposing of trash. Throughout the academic year, students are encouraged to report safety concerns to law enforcement and inform the university of conduct violations. 

By developing events, programs and educational opportunities to engage students, the commission hopes to inspire students across campus about the importance of being a good community member.

“Throughout the years, A.S. Campus Community Commission has created valuable pathways to foster students' sense of belonging within the College Area community,” said Kareen Holstrom, A.S. Campus Community Commissioner. “Belonging isn’t just about being part of a community. It is also about showing respect for each other. Good Neighbor Cleanups give students the opportunity to connect with the campus community and fellow students.”

Holstrom added that the commission’s weekly meetings are also a space to gather over icebreakers and games. The final A.S. Campus Community Commission meeting of the spring semester will take place on Wednesday, April 24 at 1 p.m. in Aztlan Suite, located on the 2nd floor of Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. For more information about the commission, students can email [email protected]

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