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Plan and Process

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University-wide strategic plan and process

San Diego State University is launching a planning process that will involve all levels of the university in an effort to define the university’s new vision, mission and strategic priorities for the main campus, SDSU Imperial Valley and the proposed development of SDSU Mission Valley. The university's planning process, as designed, represents the first comprehensive initiative around the development of a university-wide strategic plan.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee, with support from nationally-recognized experts, has developed and is leading the university-wide process, which will lead to the development of the strategic plan. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is charged with overseeing and supporting the planning process, and includes a number of sub-committees and working groups focused on data and assessment, mission and vision and also diversity, equity and inclusion. Learn more about those involved by visiting the Teams section.

This strategic planning process is also unique in its attention to the Senate Resolution in support of unit planning for diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, the planning process includes key campus constituents not represented in past planning.

San Diego State University’s strategic planning process will include:

  • A series of campus events and discussion groups tailored to main campus and Imperial Valley community members who are: students, faculty (including lecturers and University Senate members), staff, administrators, and representatives from the auxiliary units as well as alumni and community members.
  • Review of the previous strategic plan and mission statement.
  • Regular campus-wide communications, to include information and updates and opportunities for feedback.
  • Development and oversight of planning documents for the vision, mission, value statement and the eventual strategic plan, to include an implementation plan.

Statement of Community

As San Diego State University is re-imagining its mission and vision, the full participation of students, faculty and staff is critical. Every single university division, college and auxiliary must be involved in the process that will lead to the development of the university’s strategic priorities.

Through this process, we commit to open and transparent communications in line with our Shared Governance priorities, which serve to encourage responsibility, communication and respect. By extension, we agree to promote compassion, care, equity and civility through this process. It is important to recognize the importance of understanding and appreciating who we are individually, and what we contribute to our own departments and, overall, the university and extended community. Our differences and similarities will enrich our critical thoughts and conversations as we imagine the near future and beyond.

We also will allow for respectful conflict to emerge over the course of this process, understanding that when we come together, we will make decisions fully aware of the issues and concerns.