SDSU will expand its global impact, unifying the university through a common mission and identity. Under a single name, the multi-campus university includes the San Diego campus, SDSU Imperial Valley, SDSU Global Campus, a future SDSU Mission Valley location, regional microsites, and other programs around the globe and online. No matter SDSU’s campus or program location, the collective mission is to support the educational and economic development of communities while creating a sense of unified belonging for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We span the California-Mexico border, and serve the world.

Metrics of progress:

  • Enrollment through Global Campus, SDSU-IV
  • Student participation in international programs
  • Improvements in inter-campus connections and infrastructure

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We are SDSU


Goal 1: Foster an inter-connected and equitable SDSU experience through implementing resource generation and allocation, communication and information-sharing, and systems of transportation.

18: Establish a campuswide working group to explore university-industry partnerships that build alliances that benefit all university campuses. Status: COMPLETE. Developed a rubric for use in evaluating potential partners.

19: Ensure that SDSU Imperial Valley and SDSU Mission Valley have representation on university resource planning and recommending bodies. Status: COMPLETE. IV AS President now a member of the Senate and an IV representative has been added to UR&P. Will need to revisit once Mission Valley established

20: Establish a campuswide working group to assess instructional and information technology to establish an action plan to interconnect campuses, international partners, and the campus community. Status: Proposal submitted

21: Develop and implement a Culture of Communication Plan for the university that improves synergy and collaboration between all campuswide communication personnel. Status: Proposal submitted. Partially implemented: Creation of College communication and campus lead positions

23: Pilot a daily shuttle service between the SDSU and SDSU Imperial Valley campus locations. Status: COMPLETE.

24: Develop a subsidy program to lower public transportation fare costs between SDSU and SDSU Mission Valley. Status: Programs in place for travel to Snapdragon (30% off transit passes for season ticket holders; free trolley passes for 1,000 students each game); will need to re-visit once other buildings occupied

25: Develop a green transportation plan between the SDSU and SDSU Mission Valley campus locations. Status: COMPLETE.

  • Improved synergy and collaboration between all campus-wide communication personnel.Brand launch initiative resulted in new resources and services to aid faculty and staff in amplifying and promoting their programs and initiatives. 

  • Improved synergy and collaboration between all campus-wide communication personnel.Brand launch initiative resulted in new resources and services to aid faculty and staff in amplifying and promoting their programs and initiatives. 

  • Newly developed brand guidelines, new visual identity system and updated editorial guidelines to drive SDSU storytelling and marketing efforts.

  •  Redesigned NewsCenter and NewsCenter e-newsletter, creating more opportunities for diversified content highlighting the work and success of faculty, staff and students, with priority focus areas on promoting university research and innovation, student success, community impact, strategic plan progress and university milestones, among other priorities.

  • Additional marketing and communications support allocated to SDSU Imperial Valley to assist in efforts to drive greater visibility, student recruitment and also student enrollment.   College communication and campus lead positions were introduced to ensure increased communication and cross-collaboration of research and university initiatives, as well as faculty and staff communications support. 

  • Expanded the scope of the Faculty Instructional Technology (FIT) Center to provide general IT support to faculty and staff across the multi-campus community of San Diego State University. This now provides a consistent user experience and sense of unity regardless of the physical location, department, college or division. The virtual help desk also extends information sharing regarding emerging technologies, and acts as a feedback mechanism to gather insights from users across the university which can be used to enact rapid fixes and continuous improvements. The virtual FIT center operates through Zoom and has seen increased demand year over year, with 20,466 total visits during AY 2022-23.

  • Modernization of phone systems at San Diego, Imperial Valley Calexico and Brawley campuses. Zoom One/Phone will be rolled out to replace the legacy PBX- based systems at San Diego and Imperial Valley Calexico campuses. This change will lead to a common phone system for all campuses, including Imperial Valley Brawley which has already transitioned, increasing collaboration capabilities, scalability and flexibility as SDSU grows and changes shape.

  • The IT Division is exploring increasing the network connectivity resilience at Imperial Valley Calexico and Brawley campuses, obtaining connectivity directly from CENIC as primary and utilizing our partnership with IVTA as secondary connections. This will increase stability and speeds in order to support current and future instructional and researcher needs as well as provide redundancy in a model followed by the San Diego campus.

Goal 2: Expand SDSU’s academic infrastructure and partnerships to meet the needs of broadly diverse learners in our region, across the nation, and the world.

27: Establish a plan for continued collaborations for SDSU Georgia. Status: COMPLETE. MOU extended 4 years.

28: Finalize a formal partnership agreement for admissions and recruitment with Kumeyaay Community College. Status: In progress.

29: Create a Global Strategy Action Plan to address global program infrastructure, international student recruitment, yield and retention with implementation benchmarks, along with a schedule to continually improve the plan. The initial plan to be developed will identify future delivery dates for key implementation benchmarks. Status: COMPLETE. Adopted Global Strategic Report.

30: Establish four new bachelor’s programs and two new master’s programs at SDSU Imperial Valley. Status: Added 4-year Liberal Studies degree for high school graduates, BA in Mathematics for transfer students, BS in Nursing and Public Health, MS in Homeland Security. IN-PROGRESS: Interdisciplinary major

  • Using the general assignment classroom, 10-year Learning Environment Assessment Plan (LEAP) as a baseline, expanded the usage of the previously implemented the Learning Spaces Rating System (LSRS). Through this methodology, developed an equivalent 10-year Learning Environment Assessment Plan (LEAP) for all instructional state-side spaces for San Diego State University. The LSRS, utilizing the EDUCAUSE standard, assesses and scores classrooms to establish a standardized, active-learning-focused environment, guiding a ten-year refresh cycle.