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Reimagining the Future

A Strategic Plan for SDSU

The Strategic Plan will establish San Diego State University’s vision and mission for the next five years, elevating the distinctive nature of the university and its campus community.

The plan will serve as the primary guide for SDSU’s growth and commitment to teaching, research and creativity, with the intention of transforming the lives of students and engaging our communities. We believe and know that the transformative experience provided at San Diego State University enriches lives and strengthens communities on our own campus and in our binational region, and has a lasting impact around the world through the work of our students, faculty, staff and alumni.

We invite you to share your ideas and questions via the feedback form.

Proposed Strategic Planning Priorities

Earlier this year, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee was formed with 32 members representing students, faculty, staff, and administration. The committee held strategic planning kickoff events in September with the purpose of identifying initial strategic priorities for the campus. Far exceeding planned expectations, nearly 4,000 individuals (including our alumni) participated in the kickoff events and online participation options. The input we received was documented and analyzed by our external consultants from Emeritus Consulting Group and AASCU-Penson Center for Professional Development.

Informed by these results and contextual factors (e.g., performance data, rankings information, ongoing public feedback), the committee has produced a draft of five proposed strategic priorities, marking an important point in its year-long process to develop a strategic plan to chart SDSU’s future for the next five years and beyond.

To date, more than 4,000 members of the campus and broader communities have provided input and feedback leading to the development of the university's strategic priorities. As part of the committe's ongoing process, campus and other community members are encouraged to continue to share information and questions via the feedback form.

The five proposed strategic priorities, updated in February 2020, in non-ranked order, are:

We are SDSU: At SDSU, we will expand our global impact, unifying our multi-campus university through a common mission and identity. No matter SDSU’s campus or program location, our collective mission is to support the educational and economic development of our regional partners while creating a sense of unified belonging for students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Under a single name, our multi-campus university includes SDSU Imperial Valley, the Mesa campus, the future SDSU Mission Valley location, SDSU World Campus, microsites, and programs around the globe and online. We span the entire California-Mexico border, and we serve the world.

  • Foster an inter-connected and equitable SDSU experience through implementing systems of transportation, communication, information-sharing, and resource generation and allocation.
  • Expand SDSU’s academic infrastructure and partnerships to meet the needs of diverse learners in our region, across the nation, and the globe.

Equity and Inclusion in Everything We Do: SDSU will be a global leader in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in research, teaching and in our community. At SDSU, the mark of our global leadership will be an innovative institutional infrastructure that promotes and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do: research, teaching, professional development, student experiences in and outside the classroom, and community relationships. Our values compel us to foster such an environment, where community members of all identities can thrive. We embrace SDSU’s identity as a Hispanic-Serving Institution on the border and recognize our residence on Kumeyaay land.

  • Foster and sustain a culture where current and future students, faculty, staff and alumni of all backgrounds feel welcomed, supported, and valued by the university.
  • Recruit and retain faculty and staff who are reflective of the diverse student body and communities served by SDSU.
  • Ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across campus are aligned and implemented consistently, effectively, and efficiently.

Students at our Core: SDSU will be a national exemplar in providing access to success through transformational experiences in and outside of the classroom for undergraduate, graduate and lifelong learners. We will cultivate a university culture and infrastructure that facilitates an affordable, student-centered, lifelong educational journey, supported by every member of the SDSU family. Our collective efforts will elevate SDSU as a national exemplar for educating and training the innovators and leaders that our region and global society demand. We commit to a future where students — before, during and after their collegiate years — are able to achieve their current and future goals, and their greatest potential.

  • Provide high-quality educational experiences that are accessible to more undergraduate, graduate, and lifelong learners.
  • Advance student success to deepen the quality of learning and close equity gaps.

Resilience. Designed to Thrive: SDSU is committed to building a resilient and sustainable university through innovative practices. We commit to using our resources with transparency, equity, and accountability in alignment with the university's goals. We must develop new revenue streams to meet our scholarly and teaching aspirations, our dedication to community and diversity, and the athletic endeavors of the university. As global citizens, SDSU proudly embraces principles of responsible environmental stewardship.

  • Invest in physical infrastructure, technology and organizational practices that prioritize the responsible management of resources with a focus on global and environmental sustainability.
  • Develop new revenue streams that support our scholarly and teaching aspirations, our commitment to community and diversity, and athletic endeavors with respect to fiscal stewardship.
  • Allocate resources with transparency, equity, and accountability.

Becoming a Premier Public Research University: A New Kind of HSI. SDSU will forge a path to become an R1 Doctoral University where excellence and access converge. To achieve this long-term institutional goal, SDSU will leverage its unique stature as a community-engaged, border-connected, Hispanic Serving Institution located on Kumeyaay land. We are committed to developing infrastructure and resources that enable our research activity to grow while continuing to support excellence in teaching.

  • Position the university to ultimately achieve R1 status.
  • Leverage SDSU’s unique identity to enhance the quantity and quality of our scholarship.
  • Generate new research that centers around and returns value to the people our university serves and places we call home.

A Message from the President

Dear SDSU Family,

Last year, when I arrived at San Diego State University, I promised that a strategic plan would come only after I had the opportunity to listen. I knew that listening intently to our students, faculty, staff, and alumni would help me appreciate SDSU’s rich legacy, the challenges we face today, and the opportunities ahead.

Patience, clarity, and communication will be our priorities every step of the way. My heartfelt desire is that you engage throughout this process, as it is your collective ideas that will yield a Strategic Plan that is distinct, reflective of SDSU’s legacy, and which will transform how we imagine our future.

With enthusiasm and sincerity,

Adela de la Torre
San Diego State University President

 President de la Torre