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SDSU Custom Programs Abroad

SDSU offers hundreds of international opportunities for SDSU students. Students and faculty can search the available options through the Aztecs Abroad system -- the database that houses all approved SDSU global programs. There are many different types of program options available including semester and yearlong opportunities through our exchange programs or approved partner programs, international internships, direct enroll options and even virtual programs. Despite this broad offering of programs, SDSU also develops custom programs to meet unique academic or student needs, or to further diversify program options. 

There are several different types of custom programs, including:

  • Global Seminars: An intensive faculty-led program that takes place during the winter or summer term. The course(s) offered with Global Seminars meet the contact hour requirements and learning outcomes of 15-week semester courses and offer special sessions credit. 
  • Course-embedded: A regular session spring or fall course with an integrated international trip led by an SDSU faculty member. Travel can occur before or after the semester, or during Spring Break. 
  • Transborder: An SDSU course that includes one or more days of travel to Baja California, Mexico. Since the course takes place during the regular fall or spring term, this type of travel is considered a faculty-led course embedded program. 

Custom programs take a great deal of time and effort to develop -- typically taking 1.5 years from initial concept to the time when the program begins. The Program Development & Partnerships team work closely with faculty over this timeframe to build out and support all the necessary aspects of the program. The below list highlights just some of the required aspects that make up the development phase:

  • CSU-mandated competitive fair bidding process with potential local operators/providers
  • Creation of program itinerary and programmatic inclusions
  • A special agreement (contract) with the selected in-country operator/provider, which must be routed for approval to the Chancellors Office and signed by the President
  • Accommodation fee approval and set up
  • Course approval and set up 
  • Recruitment & Advising
  • Application management
  • Student payment process and course registration
  • Vendor payments
  • Faculty trainings
  • Student pre-departure orientations
  • Program assessment (post-experience)

Program Leaders must adhere to the policies and expectations highlighted within the International Affairs website and through the formal application process.

The call for proposals is open each year between mid-November - February 1 for programs that would take place during the following academic year. The proposal process for Global Seminar and Course-embedded programs -- which has a very long development window -- is competitive and not all proposals will be approved for development. 

The proposal applications for all program types are housed within Aztecs Abroad. Click below to review the proposal process, review criteria and a link to the application. 

Propose a program

Have a question about the process? Or want to discuss your program concept before the proposal process? The Program Development & Partnerships Team is here to support you! In fact, each college has an assigned Program Development Specialist that can work with you. 

Imperial Valley              Nadia Fonseca ([email protected])
Arts & Letters                Carol Reynolds ([email protected])
Education                      Nadia Fonseca ([email protected])
Engineering                   Carol Reynolds ([email protected])
HHS                                Nadia Fonseca ([email protected])
PSFA                              Carol Reynodlds ([email protected])
Sciences                        Motoko Kiuchi ([email protected])
Fowler                            Motoko Kiuchi ([email protected])
Team Lead                    Jessica Romero ([email protected])