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Hundreds of program options for SDSU students

From yearlong to just a few days long, SDSU offers a diverse range of international opportunities for SDSU students. Read below to gain a better understanding of what options are available and the resources International Affairs provides to SDSU students and faculty.
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SDSU students interested in a global education experience can find all SDSU approved options in the SDSU Aztecs Abroad Database at www.sdsu.edu/aztecsabroad.  Programs not listed in the database are not approved.  Students who choose to participate in non-approved programs will not have access to complete the Academic Approval Form to guarantee credit transfer, and will not have access to SDSU financial aid and scholarships.


The Global Education Office is the student-facing office that works with all students planning to study abroad. Advising is organized by college, with a designated Global Education Advisor assigned to each college. Students can connect with their advisor through the following options:

Begin advising steps in Aztecs Abroad
EAB Navigate Appointment
  • Assigned Global Education Advisors are available within each academic college.
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Semester & Yearlong Opportunities:

Encourage students to consider a semester and yearlong international experience! Depending on the location, many semester or yearlong opportunities may be cheaper than studying at SDSU for the semester. A brief overview of the program differences can be found here.

  • SDSU Exchange Programs*
  • CSU International Programs (CSU-IP)*
  • ISEP Direct
  • ISEP Exchange*
  • Partner Programs (see below for more information)
  • Direct Enroll Programs
  • Internship Programs
  • Virtual International Programs

* Financial aid and scholarships apply

Short-term Programs:

Short-term programs can take place during the winter or summer term, as well as during the semester as a short international trip.

  • Global Seminars (faculty-led program)
  • Course-embedded (faculty-led program)
  • Transborder Courses (faculty-led program)
  • Partner Programs
  • Volunteer Programs
  • Virtual International Programs
approved providers

In addition to exchange programs and custom faculty-led programs, SDSU partners with specific program providers to offer a wider variety of international experiences. All approved Partner Programs are listed within Aztecs Abroad, and have been vetted by SDSU for their academic quality, safety & security protocols and alignment with SDSU's Global Learning Outcomes. 

SDSU's Approved Partners
non-approved programs

Non-approved programs

SDSU students and other members of the SDSU community should be aware of the following regarding non-approved programs:

  • Programs not listed in Aztecs Abroad are not SDSU programs and have not been vetted by SDSU, including for health and safety protocols, per CSU policy.
  • Students who take part in a non-approved program during the semester, will need to take a leave of absence from SDSU.
  • It is not possible for students to complete an Academic Approval Form prior to participating in a non-approved program. As such, there is no guarantee that students will receive credit for the experience. Given this academic uncertainty, we strongly recommend that students only participate in approved programs.
  • SDSU financial aid will not apply to non-approved programs.
  • Students participating in non-approved programs must register their travel in the SDSU Travel Registry system.


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Proposing a new program

All approved SDSU global education programs must align with SDSU's Global Learning Outcomes. Faculty who would like to propose a new global education program should first review the available options with Aztecs Abroad. A new program should meet a specific need or fill an existing gap; as a general rule, International Affairs seeks to scale back it's very large portfolio, and to only consider programs that expand access and further diversify SDSU's program offerings. 

Partner Program Review

International Affairs conducts a review of our existing and potential new partner programs every two years. If you would like International Affairs to consider a specific partner program in the upcoming review window, please complete the following request form.

Exchange Partner Review

SDSU has over 250 exchange programs currently available to SDSU students. If you would like International Affairs to consider a new bilaterial exchange agreement with a new university, please submit a proposal. After submission, IA will meet with you to determine whether the proposed exchange agreement provides academic offerings not currently available to SDSU students.

Custom Faculty-led Program Proposal

Faculty are instrumental to comprehensive internationalization at SDSU, including through leading custom study abroad programs. These faculty-led programs include Transborder, Course-embedded, and Global Seminar programs. Click here to learn more about proposing a custom faculty-led program.