SDSU is committed to internationalizing its curriculum and promoting global learning as a key component of every student's SDSU experience.
SDSU’s Strategic Plan highlights the importance of global partners, opportunities and perspective. To reach this goal, multiple internationally-focused committees have been established to connect campus stakeholders, gather input from faculty and staff across campus and ensure a shared governance structure.

SDSU Internationally-Focused Committees

  • Primary focus areas:
    • policies and procedures to enhance the University's international activities
    • existing involvement in international activities and related resource commitments
    • program improvements as well as opportunities for development
  • This Council has a membership of 24:
    • fourteen faculty
    • seven administrators or staff to include the Chief Executive Officer of the SDSU Research Foundation and the Director of International Programs (serves as chair)
    • one staff
    • two students
      • one undergraduate, one graduate
      • each of whom has studied abroad
  • Notable Achievements: ACE Internationalization Lab, Developed the SDSU Global Learning Outcomes
  • Email Contact: Cristina Alfaro, AVP and Chair ([email protected]) and Erika Larkins, Co-Chair ([email protected])
  • Primary focus areas:
    • connecting faculty and staff across the SDSU campuses who are involved with international education
    • collaborating on new international initiatives for students and additional ways to support the SDSU community participating in global engagement opportunities
  • This committee includes over 60 faculty staff from main campus and IVC.
  • Email Contact: Julie Dugan, Co-Chair ([email protected]) and Mei Zhong, Co-Chair ([email protected]
  • Primary focus areas:
    • supporting international students at SDSU
    • spearheading new initiatives across campus involving international students and international education
  • This committee includes international students and staff from the International Student Center
  • Primary focus areas:
    • evaluate and approve SDSU Global Seminar programs
  • This committee includes faculty and deans from all academic colleges and staff from the International Affairs
  • Primary focus areas:
    • strategically plan and guide the direction of international affairs
    • provide leadership for international education initiatives across campus
  • This committee includes the Director of International Affairs, the Assistant Director of Global Education, the Assistant Director of the International Student Center and the Senior Program Development Specialist