Institutional Agreements

International Partnerships

SDSU's robust partnerships with institutions around the globe support the diverse global education needs of our students, faculty, and staff.  While international partnerships begin with conversations between individuals,  International Affairs ensures that the relationships developed are clearly defined and legitimized at the institutional level to protect all parties involved. 

In accordance with the CSU International Agreements Policy, International Affairs serves as SDSU’s central unit overseeing international activities and agreements. Central oversight is required to ensure that: 

  • there is a clear benefit to the CSU; 
  • they are a part of the university's overall mission to educate the citizens of California; 
  • all international activities are being implemented and monitored consistently; and 
  • risk management considerations have been assessed and appropriately addressed. 

These provisions apply regardless of whether there is an agreement with another party related to the international activity.

International Agreements

All international programs and partnerships require approval through International Affairs. Agreements are one step in development of a successful partnership and our staff is here to guide SDSU stakeholders through the process.

Approval Process, Signature Authority, and Preferred Language

International agreements must be initiated by an SDSU employee through International Affairs. Once an agreement is approved at the campus level it will be submitted to the CSU Office of the Chancellor for review and approval. 

International agreements can only be signed by the SDSU President. Administrators and faculty members are not authorized to sign agreements on behalf of SDSU or their academic unit. 

Agreements must comply with CSU legal requirements, which is why it’s important to bring our office into the conversation early in the process. Allowing our team to negotiate the terms of the agreement will avoid delays in the approval process.