Guidance for New Admit Sevis Transfers

Newly Admitted Students Planning to Transfer an existing SEVIS record 

All new international students requiring an I-20 to study in F1 status will need to upload their financial documents in my.SDSU.

If you are an admitted F1 student intending to transfer your current SEVIS record from another US educational institution to SDSU, you also need to take some additional steps: 

  • You need to contact the DSO at your current school to request a scheduled transfer of your SEVIS record. They will need official proof of your admission to San Diego State University. The SDSU SEVIS School Code is SND214F00142000. Please note, SDSU does not use a transfer-in form.

The actual transfer must take place before the end of your 60 day grace period and within 5 months of your SDSU program start date. If not, it is likely you will require a new initial I20 (new SEVIS ID).

  • Submit your financial documentation to my.SDSU. Make sure you complete the questions relating to transfer in Section A of the required Financial Statement Form: 

Section A of the required Financial Statement Form

  • Your current US address is required before your new I20 can be issued.
    • Please enter your current US address in my.SDSU:
      • Log into your My.SDSU portal. 
      • Click the Profile title.
      • Select Address in the list on the left > Scroll down and click + on the Local address to add your U.S address
  • Please allow 7 business days for processing following a complete financial document submission if your SEVIS record has already been transferred to SDSU. Please allow 7 business days for your new I20 to be issued following the receipt of your SEVIS record if your financial documents were submitted and approved prior to the date of transfer. You will receive your I-20 via email.
  • Please make sure you check your email (including SDSU email) regularly to avoid unnecessary delays in processing. 
  • If you have questions about this process or anything else related to your I-20 and/or international student status, please email [email protected]
  • Return to the New International Student page for additional requirements and helpful resources.