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Find information that will help you to better assist your international students.

Adjusting to life at SDSU

International students typically undergo a period of psychological, cultural, and academic adjustment as they settle into their studies at SDSU. If you have an international student who would benefit from asssistance during this period, please refer your student to the ISC Mentor Program.

Academic Training for J-1 students

International students on the J-1 Exchange Visitor visa who wish to pursue an internship in their major are required to obtain a letter from their Academic Advisor recommending the training. Learn about the required contents and format of the letter here.

Curricular Practical Training for F-1 students

International students on the F-1 Student visa (or in F-1 status) are allowed to work in an off-campus internship or job during their course of study when the internship or job is integral to their degree program and if they have employment authorization from the ISC . This type of employment authorization is called Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Students may qualify for CPT through one of three ways: 1) It is required for the degree, 2) The student enrolls in an internship or special study course, or 3) It is required for their thesis or dissertation.  Find information about CPT and the academic department requirement when reviewing and approving a student's CPT request here.


The International Student Center is under International Affairs (IA). Each SDSU College has three IA support specialists to assist faculty and staff with questions. If you are associated with a college, please click here to view your ISC liaison with contact information. 

For all other SDSU administrators and staff, please feel free to contact the main International Student Center email or phone number, found here, with any questions or concerns. We're here to help!