Off-Campus Employment

Working off campus without authorization from an SDSU International Student Advisor or U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services has serious consequences that could result in the loss of your student visa. Working in or running your own sales business, such as Amway or other similar company, is not allowed under any circumstances without proper work authorization.

Work without authorization is illegal and may subject you to deportation from the U.S. Dicuss your employment options with an ISC advisor before you begin any off-campus work during your time in the U.S. 

See below for types of off-campus employment.

Work Related to Your Academic Study

The off-campus job must be related to your field of study. 

Work to Relieve Financial Hardship

If you face severe financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, you may be eligible to work off campus.

Off-campus employment due to financial hardship: