SDSU Global Learning Outcomes (GLOs)

The GLOs framework will scaffold student learning throughout the entire SDSU experience, so that students graduate as more globally conscious citizens who continue to engage and learn. 

As a teaching and learning community, SDSU strives to offer our students global education opportunities that support student achievement of the GLOs. However, we will not expect students to achieve everything in this framework through participating in one experience, course, or program alone. Reasonably, all SDSU global learning opportunities are expected to align with at least one of the GLOs, rather than being expected to focus on all four areas of the GLOs framework.

Cultural Identities
Explore their personal and cultural identities through time in a global or glocal context.
Language, Culture, History & Power
Examine the relationships between language, culture, history and power as relevant to their area(s) of study.
Global Issues
Learn about and respond to at least one global issue that transcends national political borders or has distinct implications in different national contexts.
Career Readiness
Increase career readiness by being able to articulate (e.g. in a job interview) skills gained and awareness developed through global learning, and how they will utilize this learning in practice.
  • An institution-wide framework that connects to SDSU’s recently approved ILOs and complements SDSU’s established Degree Learning Outcomes and General Education Area Goals as part of SDSU’s Global Strategy
  • A set of outcomes aligning programming across all disciplines with President de la Torre’s vision of educating “global citizens, compassionate leaders, ethical innovators”
  • A roadmap to guide students’ global learning throughout their entire SDSU experience, toward graduating as more globally conscious citizens, including being able to articulate their global learning in professional as well as academic contexts
  • Creation of a unified framework to guide campus internationalization
  • Alignment of global learning with college, department, and course SLOs
  • Development of preferred criteria for program review, exchange agreements, and business partnerships
  • Development of preferred criteria to assess student experiences on inbound and outbound exchanges
  • Assessment of program quality
  • Assessment of equity across global learning opportunities
  • Communication to the campus community about how SDSU defines “global learning”
  • Communication to students about the importance of global learning
  • Establishment of language that helps students set goals for their global learning and ultimately articulate what they learn
  • Longitudinal assessment of global learning
  • Development of a more bilingual and multilingual environment at SDSU

The proposed GLOs were established in Fall 2020 by a GLOs working group, composed of 19 SDSU faculty representing the various colleges and campuses of San Diego State University, in addition to 4 staff members, and the International Affairs leadership team. The current version has been approved by the International Affairs Council in January 2021.