Latinx Students

Latinx Students

The Latinx experience is diverse. Individuals within this identity group will have different experiences abroad depending on their intersecting identities, ethnicities, home and host country, and other factors. 

Before leaving, reflect on what your Latinx identity means to you and how it shapes you as an individual. 

Know that you do not have to represent your entire identity group, and that conversations about your race and ethnicity can open up meaningful dialogue about the complexities and nuances of the Latinx identity. 

While Abroad

While the Latinx experience abroad can vary greatly, there are a few things that students in the Latinx community often face. 

These include:  

  • Mistaken identity 
  • Assumptions that all Latinx students share the same identity or are from one region or country 
  • Assumptions that you are not from the country you grew up in 
  • Erasure of certain identities from the Latinx community 
  • Stereotypes (both positive and negative) based on appearance/culture 
  • Microaggressions or unwanted public attention 
  • Fetisizaton 

Being aware that these can occur can help you better prepare for your time abroad. While many may seem negative, it often opens up opportunities for conversation, learning, and growth.