Veterans and Military Connected Students

Veterans and military-connected students at SDSU now often pursue a study abroad program to gain further valuable international experience. When studying abroad, veterans and military-connected students are able to gain new perspectives on living and learning in diverse cultural environments, which may complement any earlier experiences living and serving overseas in the military.

Cal Vet tuition waivers can be used for participation in semester exchange programs such as SDSU Exchanges, CSU International Programs (CSUIP) and ISEP Exchanges. These program types normally require students to pay regular SDSU tuition and fees.

Veteran students receiving educational benefits may be allowed to use those benefits to cover costs of an international program, but it highly depends on program types and SDSU academic requirements.

If you are an eligible veteran, active duty, reserve, National Guard, or military dependent student needing assistance with potential educational benefits for study abroad, please contact The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center, located in Student Services West (SSW) 1661, [email protected] or (619) 594-5813. They can assist with determining your eligibility and how to initiate your benefits.