Volunteer Programs

Volunteering abroad is a work or service-based learning opportunity that may be attractive to students who wish to respond to the needs of an organization or community. Students can learn through contributing to community development activities. 

Volunteer programs are valuable for students who are interested in:

  • Making meaningful contact with local people
  • Using what they learn in the classroom to help their host community
  • Meeting the genuine needs of the region visited
  • Engaging fully in the host culture

Volunteer experiences are very diverse with regards to structure and are available on exchange programs, independent programs, and faculty-led programs.

Programs are offered during the fall, spring, and summer terms.

Service-Learning Explanation: Please note many volunteer programs may also refer to "service-learning," which is an intentionally structured, interactive component of any off-campus or virtual international program, in which students engage in activities focused on community needs, and participate in structured reflection about their experiences.

For more information: Select "Volunteer" under the Co-Curricular Activities search parameter in the Aztecs Abroad database to see the full range of options.