Graduate Student Programs

Graduate students are unique in their academic experience and needs. International experiences at SDSU look different at the graduate level, and the SDSU Global Education Office is here to support you!

International experiences that often work well for graduate students include: 

  • Participation in a short winter or summer faculty-led Global Seminar approved for graduate credit
  • Independent research/fieldwork, conference participation, or grant-funded travel abroad that you organize through your department and register for approval with SDSU in the Travel Registry.
    • Please note that completing the Travel Registry is required in addition to the T2 process
    • If your travel is sponsored by an SDSU Research Foundation grant please make sure that you indicate that you are participating in grant-funded travel in the description of your experience.
  • Enrollment in an SDSU exchange or partner program during the summer, winter, or semester, which offers coursework at the graduate level. Search Aztecs Abroad or see a Global Education Advisor for more information.  
    • Verify with your GEO advisor prior to departure that the course will transfer back at the graduate level.
    • Pre-approval of your coursework via the PAAR process must be initiated by meeting with your graduate advisor to discuss the proposed coursework and the degree requirements you hope to satisfy while abroad.

Funding for graduate students:

SDSU Travel Abroad Insurance:

Do you need international insurance for participation in one of the activities above?  

  • You will find the link to purchase the SDSU Travel Abroad Insurance as a step in your Travel Registry process, or in your post-decision steps if you are participating in a program listed in Aztecs Abroad.
  • Note: SDSU Travel Abroad insurance for transborder travel to Baja California, Mexico, is a separate policy that can be purchased  for one day or for multiple one-day visits during a semester (without paying for a full semester of coverage).  Transborder programs listed in Aztecs Abroad will automatically show this policy, but if you are completing the Travel Registry, please make sure to choose this option.