See the Getting Started section for basic initial steps including applying for a passport, researching programs and reviewing frequently asked questions (FAQ).

GEO advising by college

All initial global education advising is conducted by academic college. Your designated Global Education Office Advisor is now listed as part of your student success team in SDSU Navigate. GEO advisors generally have both appointment availability and drop-by hours. All students must complete the online advising application in the Aztecs Abroad database PRIOR to meeting with a GEO advisor.

Ryan McLemore

Kim Guzman and Alicia Jones

Giancarlo Taylor

Kelsey Toyoda

Kesely Easterly

Giancarlo Taylor

Kelsey Toyoda

Contact Global Education office ([email protected])

Contact Global Education office ([email protected])


See your academic support team in SDSU Navigate account

It is very important to discuss your study abroad plans with your academic advisor(s) as early as possible. Early planning for study abroad is fundamental to allowing you to stay on track to graduate and not get behind.

  • Review your degree audit
  • Adjustments to SDSU degree “map” to better accommodate study abroad (e.g. moving major electives into one semester and saving general education courses)
  • Considerations in selecting classes and keeping in mind prerequisites
  • How courses you take abroad will meet major or minor requirements
  • Best time to go abroad (e.g. summer or semester; sophomore or junior year)
  • Declaring a minor which provides more flexible graduation requirements, such as the Minor in International Studies
  • If relevant, study abroad (or international experience) graduation requirement


Students take different amounts of courses depending on the duration and structure of the experience. All semester and academic year partcipants must be enrolled full-time or the equivalent of 12 SDSU units per semester. Summer and winter participants may take one or more courses for credit, or may participate in a non-credit bearing experience.

Review the individual program brochures for links to see what courses may be available on each program. Global Education Advisors will facilitate students locating the appropriate course listings. However, each student must show individual course descriptions to their academic advisor(s) for review.

Academic Approval

Prior to Departure:

  • SDSU Academic Approval Form: Before you go abroad, you and your departmental academic advisor(s) will complete an Academic Approval Form to determine course equivalencies and how you will fulfill graduation requirements. Students who plan ahead and work closely with their academic advisors usually get full credit for classes they take abroad. You will obtain the Academic Approval Form online after your initial application is approved.
  • Lower- and Upper-division classes: The level of courses abroad is dependent on how academic advisors review the course content.  It may be necessary to show a course description or syllabus to your academic advisor before they can say if a course is lower- or upper-division.

While Abroad:

  • Your class schedule may change upon arrival at your host university, so you may need to contact your academic advisors to ask them about course equivalency.

Upon Return:

  • For coursework not approved beforehand, you will need to petition for credit upon your return to SDSU. The Request for Adjustment of Academic Record (RAAR) form is available from the Office of Evaluations and from your major department.