International internships are working positions arranged for students, often as part of a credit-bearing study abroad program. SDSU also has approved certain internship providers that will assist students in being placed in an internship abroad that fits their skills and interests.

Why Intern Abroad?

International internships offer a range of academic, professional and personal learning outcomes for students. Increasingly employers are interested in hiring individuals with demonstrated cross-cultural skills and a proven record of professional experience in their field.

  • Explore your career path and understand professional practices in another country
  • Develop valuable competencies through hands-on work experience
  • Boost your resum√© and gain a competitive edge in the job market
  • Work in an English-speaking company or perfect your foreign language skills
  • Connect with and develop an international network of professional contacts in your field
  • Earn academic credit that counts towards your major, minor or other degree requirements

Who Should Intern Abroad?

Internships are valuable for all students and majors, and we encourage you to explore the range of internship opportunities available. Students that are a good fit for an internship program are those who:

  • Are flexible, adaptable, proactive and adventurous
  • Want to actively engage in meaningful professional development abroad
  • Are interested in learning about different cultures and work environments