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Apply for or Renew a U.S. Passport (If Needed)

Visit the SDSU Passport Office

Research Programs

Review the Explore Programs section and search for programs of interest in the database

Review Frequently Asked Questions

Examine our list of frequently asked questions for general information.

Complete Online Advising STEPS

Apply Now for any active program of interest (Don’t worry, your program selection can be changed later by an advisor if needed)

The online advising steps provide you with more information on how study abroad works, program types and the application process. The last step is to meet with a global education advisor, see details below.

New (and Transfer) Students: you can only initiate the online advising steps (or a program-specific application) at the beginning of your first semester attending SDSU.

Meet with a Geo Advisor or Global Guide!

See Advising page

Consider Financial Planning

Consult the Get Funding section for information on how to fund your study abroad experience. Apply for scholarships early! Be sure to estimate costs and budget for your time abroad.

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